Homeowner Orientation Schedule

Starting in the fall of 2019, RVHFH will be building a 3- or 4-bedroom handicapped adaptable (accessible if needed) home in Montgomery Township, Somerset County.

Anyone interested in applying for this home must attend ONE of the sessions in order to learn about the project and the program requirements and to obtain an application.

Qualifying applicants must be in the moderate-income range with a minimum annual gross income of $48,300 (for the 3-bedroom) and $55,500 (for the 4 bedroom) and a maximum annual gross income of $73,350 (3-person family); $81,450 (4-person family); $88,000 (5-person family); and $94,500 (6-person family). The family must have the ability to repay the 0% interest mortgage plus taxes, insurance and other costs of homeownership; be willing to partner with RVHFH through 250-500 hours of “sweat equity”; and meet other criteria listed on the website. All requirements will be explained at the sessions.

Interested persons must attend one of the following sessions:


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