Almost Home

Almost Home is a program designed to help potential future applicants prepare for the next phase in their housing journey. Ready to apply for affordable homeownership? Not quite ready but hoping to place yourself on better financial footing?

Almost Home provides resources that improve understanding of banking, credit, homeownership, and the ins and outs of the application process. As an added bonus for attendees who complete this program and end up becoming a Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity homeowner within three years, the hours spent on Almost Home count toward your sweat equity hours.

Free Financial Empowerment Program

Workshops for the 2023 fall program are as follows:

  • Tuesday, September 19 (6-7PM)–Welcome to Almost Home and RV Habitat, with RV Habitat’s Jessica Abbott
  • Wednesday, September 27 (6-7PM)–Basics of Banking, with NORWESCAP’s Carolyn Thoens
  • Tuesday, October 3 (6-7PM)–Credit 101: Understand and Build Your Credit, with Greenway Mortgage Loan Officer Makeda Fryson
  • Wednesday, October 11 (6-7PM)–Basics of Homeownership, with Columbia Bank’s Floyd Schneider
  • Wednesday, November 8 (6-7PM)–Pitfalls of Buying or Leasing a Car, with NORWESCAP’s Carolyn Thoens
  • Tuesday, November 28 (6-7PM)–Understanding the Mortgage Application Process, with Makeda Fryson and Jessica Abbott”
If you would like more information, please email Homeowner Services

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