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The Habitat Home Safety & Repair Program serves the community by bringing together volunteers to perform critical home repairs or safety adaptations so that local individuals and families are able to continue to live independently, safely and comfortably in their homes. This program typically serves low-income homeowners including veterans, people with disabilities, and seniors. Some examples of our projects include:

  •  Repairing roofs
  • Weatherizing homes
  • Exterior door repairs
  •  Installing ramps

  • Installing handrails and grip bars

  • Widening doorways 

Do I Qualify?


Income Guidelines


Household income includes, but is not limited to, salary or wages (including overtime), alimony, child support, social security, benefits, pensions, business incomes, and interest earned from assets (which include bank accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, other securities, and real estate). 

The prior year’s tax return of all household members may be requested to verify gross household income.


Family Size Maximum Gross Household Income
1 $66,248
2 $75,712
3 $85,176
4 $94,640
5 $102,211
6 $109,782
7 $117,354
8+ $124,925

Maximum Household Assets $225,261

Home Safety & Repair Information Form

For more information about the program, please use the form below to provide your contact information and a brief description of your need. A volunteer will then contact you to tell you more about this program and gather additional information about your project needs. 

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