Raritan Valley Habitat Repair Programs

Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity offers repair help for Hunterdon and Somerset County homeowners who qualify as low or moderate income. Repair programs include:

Brush With Kindness
Smaller scale help including clearing basements, yard cleanup, deck maintenance, and small paint or repair jobs. These projects are no cost to the homeowner, but donations are appreciated.

Home Safety and Repair
Slightly larger projects like installing sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, or window panes. Homeowners pay a percentage of the project cost based on the sliding payback scale based on income.

Critical Home Repair
Larger repairs that address homeowners’ health and safety. Examples include repairing ramps, railings, or entry doors; furnace replacement; siding repair necessary for the protection of the home, and accessibility upgrades. Homeowners will be responsible for a portion of the costs determined on a sliding scale based on income. Payments can be made over time with zero interest.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Neighborhood Revitalization offers a chance for communities to partner with RV Habitat, residents, local organizations, and businesses to improve their neighborhoods. Examples include community clean-ups, park improvements, and street-scaping as well as improvements on qualified residents’ homes. If you are interested in partnering with RV Habitat for Neighborhood Revitalization, contact Jessica Abbott at 908-704-0016, ext. 117, or jabbott@rvhabitat.org.

Sliding Pay Scale for Small Home Repair and Critical Repair:

Homeowners contribute a percentage of project costs for Small Home Repair and Critical Home Repair. That percentage is based on income level compared to the Area Median Income (AMI) for Region 3 (Hunterdon, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties), as determined by the NJ Council on Affordable Housing.

  • Households with a total income between 60%-80% of AMI–pay an equal percentage of the project cost as their income percent of AMI (For example, if household income is 65% of AMI, the homeowners pay 65% of the project cost).
  • Households between 50% and 59% of AMI pay 50% of the project cost.
  • Households between 30% and 49% of AMI pay 30% of the project cost.
  • Households between 20% and 29% of AMI pay 20% of the project cost.
  • Households at or below 19.99% of AMI pay 10% of the project cost. (No additional discounts apply at this level.)
    * Additional discounts may be available to Veterans.


Qualified applicants must:

  • Own and live in the home that is being repaired
  • Live in Hunterdon or Somerset Counties
  • Have incomes at or below the following moderate-income limits set for Region 3 (Hunterdon, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties) by the NJ Council on Affordable Housing.
Household Size Maximum Income
1 Person $81,872
2 People $93,568
3 People $105,264
4 People $116,960
5 People $126,317
6 People $135,674
7 People $145,030
8 People $154,387

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