Demolition Sales

How to partner with Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity for a demolition sale

Step 1

You decide to donate kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom vanities, windows, doors, flooring and other reusable saleable items of a house or business before you remodel or tear down.

Step 2

Complete the contact form below to schedule a consultation. We will determine if we are able to host a demo sale at your property.

Step 3

After the initial consultation, parties mutually agree to a date for the demo sale and acquire the necessary permits to conduct the sale on site.

Step 4

Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity promotes the demo sale in local newspapers, social media and other free bulletins.

Step 5

Upon conclusion of the demo sale, RVHFH staff will remove any remaining items that can be sold at the Habitat ReStore.

Step 6

The homeowner/contractor receives a detailed donation summary. All proceeds of this sale will help build and repair safe and affordable homes in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties!

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