2x4 sponsorship program


2x4 Sponsorship Program

Uplift and inspire your group.

Uplift and inspire Habitat homeowners.

Gather a group in any location and share inspiration as you work together to make a difference by filling a Habitat home with messages of hope and support. Make a lasting mark in a home that will transform the lives of partner homeowners by decorating the 2 x 4 with pictures, symbols, and words of encouragement or blessings.

Studs are essential building materials that form the core of every home.

It takes more than three hundred 2 x 4 studs to build the frame of a Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity home. This is an opportunity for groups of all ages to exercise their creativity and partner with us by sponsoring a 2 x 4 and decorating it with artwork and messages of hope and support.

For additional information or to reserve a 2 x 4, please contact Susan Harkins at (908) 704-0016 ext. 11 or sharkins@rvhabitat.org

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