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Dad Build 2020 Press Release

Moms, dads, and families volunteer to help renovate the new home of Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity in Pluckemin.

Pluckemin, NJ (August 13, 2020) – Parent and child teams are helping to renovate the historic Burd House, the future home of Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity (RV Habitat) in Pluckemin, New Jersey. The build teams formed to celebrate “Dad Build,” a Father’s Day fundraising event open to family teams with children over 16 years of age.

The teams painted and sanded exterior siding and trim while learning new skills from RV Habitat site supervisors on hand. The Burd House was built in 1839 and is located on the property of Pluckemin Presbyterian Church and owned by the church. RV Habitat will move into the new space this fall with the help of community members such as the moms, dads, sons, and daughters who volunteered to help renovate a piece of historic property.

Several of the participants shared the reasons they volunteer. From Jack, who volunteered with his mom, “I came to learn more about Habitat and enjoy the time with my mom to help the community.” From Melinda, who came with her son, “We came out today to spend some time together for a nice cause for other people.” And from Cicely, who brought her two daughters, “We came out today to support Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity. We’re a partner family and we’re so excited to assist in helping to create their new office space.”

“The parent and child partnership is a great opportunity for families to learn new skills together while contributing to a meaningful community project that will help to deepen our roots in Pluckemin.” said Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Jan Holmstrup. “We welcome more parents and children, individuals, and corporate teams for the Pluckemin build and to our next home build with Cicely and her family in Montgomery Township.”

RV Habitat has volunteer openings for regular shifts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at the Pluckemin office site, as well as for future construction on RV Habitat’s 54th home in Montgomery Township that will begin in late September 2020. RV Habitat’s newest partner is Cicely Caldwell, a single mother living in Flemington. Ms. Caldwell and two of her daughters attended one of the Dad Build events to contribute to the office renovation and meet volunteers. Volunteers also got to meet Josephine Awadalla, the daughter of a RV Habitat partner family who have been living in their home for several years.

When asked how Habitat impacted her life, Ms. Awadalla told us, “As I was growing up, Habitat for Humanity had a drastic influence on my identity, on who I became, and how I viewed the entire world and humanity itself.” Ms. Awadalla is now a junior at Rutgers University studying public health, a career choice inspired by her experience with Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity. “There is nothing like going home after a long day for everyone in my family. It’s our favorite spot to be since our home is built on the dedication of beautiful families and the hard work of donors.”

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